Marin Friends of Ferals


MARIN FRIENDS OF FERALS is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to the humane care and management of feral community cats.  We are located in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco.

Career Cats

Have an enclosed backyard, a shed, barn, horse stable, ranch or farm? Do you like cats (especially for their rodent control abilities) but are allergic? Marin Humane and Marin Friends of Ferals are committed to giving outdoor cats a second chance and our Career Cat program does just that.

Career Cats not only provide an eco-friendly solution to rodent control by becoming working cats on your property, but by adopting ferals you will be saving the lives of cats that may not have other options. As an added bonus, there is no adoption fee!


We offer volunteer opportunities in these areas:

• Feral cat feeders

• Trappers

• Foster parents

• Transporting cats for spay/neuter

• Grant writing/fundraising

• Relocation


We are always in need of:

• Cat food - both canned and kibble

• Humane traps - walk-in and drop traps

• Feral cat shelters, dog houses or igloos

• Feeding stations

• Extra large wired dog cages for relocations

• 6-foot folding tables for relocations

• 3-tiered cat cages for fostering feral kittens


Marin Friends of Ferals

P.O. Box 6282 - San Rafael, CA 94903

Tel: 415-246-9162


Marin Friends of Ferals
is a non-profit, tax
exempt 501 (c)(3)

Tax ID: 26-4438087


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